Background & Objectives

The textile and clothing industry is a large and diversified industrial sector which uses a wide range of materials and processes which could be radically innovated or at least significantly improved by the application of latest advances in the field of biotechnology. The field biotechnology has been undergoind dramatic development over recent decades based on many scientific breakthroughs which today a rapidly growing industry brings into large-scale applications in sectors such as health, agriculture, energy or industry including the textile sector.




In order to advance collaborative research and bio-technology transfer to the textile industry the European Technology Platform for Chemistry & White Biotechnology (SusChem) and the European Textile Technology Platform started the Bio-Tex Initiative in 2007. Supported by the European sectoral industry federations Euratex (textiles and clothing) and EuropaBio (biotech industry) a coordination committee composed of scientists and industrial innovators from both sides pilots the Bio-Tex initiatives.

The objectives of the BioTex initiative are:

  • the establishment of a permanent collaboration forum between textile manufacturers and developers and manufacturers of new bio-based products to exchange information on major technological trends, developments in bio-based innovation and evolving users needs;
  • the combination of complementary elements of the Strategic Research agendas of the 2 European Technology Platforms SusChem (White Biotech) and Future Textiles & Clothing into a joint Research Road map;
  • the initiation of strategic, radical breakthrough–oriented collaborative research projects between the two sectors bringing together the best available competences and capacities for mutual benefit and to speed up development biotechnology-based solutions for industrial implementation in the European textile and clothing industry;
  • to strengthen the sustainability of the European textile and clothing manufacturing sector by use of the bio-based materials and products and biotechnology-based processes.

Events & Activities

  • mid-2007: agreement to start the Bio-Tex initiative and start of the Bio-Tex committee
  • early 2008: delivery of a first common working paper
  • Nov. 2008: organisation of the first Bio-Tex Conference in Brussels, some 100 participants
  • March 2009: publication of the Bio-Tex roadmap
  • throughout 2009 & early 2010: presentation of Bio-Tex roadmap and research priorities at various EU workshops and meetings, input to the European Laed Market Initiative on Bio-based Products
  • October 2010: Industry roundtable on drivers and barriers of biotechnology transfer to the textile industry, Brussels
  • March 2011: 2nd Bio-Tex conference, Milan

Information & Resources

Bio-Tex Research Roadmap (March 2009)

The European Technology Platform for Systainable Chemistry and White Biotechnology

EuropaBio - the European Biotechnology Industry Association