OLAE+ New ERA-Net may offer opportunities for smart textiles funding

Organic & Large Area Electronics (OLAE), also known as plastic electronics, printed electronics or organic electronics, allows electronic circuits and devices to be produced using relatively low cost printing processes onto any surface, whether rigid or flexible, and over large areas.  It will lead to the creation of whole new generations of products such as conformable and rollable displays, large area efficient lighting, low cost solar cells, low-cost RFIDs and memories, flexible and environmental friendly batteries, etc.

This €18 million OLAE+ competition is open to participants from Austria, Catalonia, Flanders, Germany, Israel, Poland, Sweden and the UK (the participating countries and regions). We expect to fund a mixture of small and large projects, with total costs typically in the range €0.5M to €3M. Projects must be bi- or multinational, collaborative, application-orientated and pre-competitive.

OLAE + is a transnational call for collaborative research and development proposals under the European Commission’s ERA-NET Plus scheme. The aim is to seek proposals to develop and stimulate the technology and business relationships within the European OLAE community, building the supply chain and removing barriers to industrialisation.

A website, is available for further information, or download the summary information here. Organisations looking for partners can register their details on this site as well as having access to competition details.

An information and networking event will be held in Brussels on October 27th to explain the objectives, the competition process, the application process and allow networking to find partners.

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