1st Public PROsumer.NET Seminar, 22 June 2011, Brussels
May 24, 2011
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Towards a roadmap on future Research & Innovation needs in the European Consumer Goods Industries

The 1-day event featured a broad range of presentations from industry, leading researchers and the European Commission. The seminar follows in the footsteps of the 1st European Conumer Goods Research Conference organised by the same stakeholders in February 2010. The draft research and innovation roadmap resulting from this first event will be further developed in much more breadth and depth by the 2-years PROsumer.NET project.
This seminar prepared the ground for the roadmapping work of the PROsumer.NET pro-ject over the next 2 years and represented a first occasion to connect and network with industry and research experts from across several consumer goods sectors, also beyond those covered by the 5 involved technology platforms. 
Download here event flyer with  programme, key slides of the event 

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