Conference: Innovation for Textile Resource Efficiency, 22 Nov. 2012, Brussels
November 26, 2012
Lutz Walter in Events, Sidebar Events

On 22 November 2012 Euratex and the European Textile Technology Platform organised in Brussels a high-level conference on innovation for greater resource efficiency (energy, water & materials) in the European textile and clothing industry. 

The event provided stakeholders with a picture on industry challenges for greater resource efficiency and how they can be linked to on-going/up-coming research and innovation policy initiatives and funding programmes of the European Commission in these areas.

Download here the conference press release - conference programme  and Conference proceedings

Topics addressed by the conference speakers included: challenges faced by the industry and current solutions; near-term opportunities for greater resource efficiency; medium-to-long-term objectives through further research & innovation work; relevant Commission’s policies and support programmes and benefits for the Textile & Clothing industry; the 2 Textile Flagships for Europe in the field of resource and material efficiency.

The conference also supported dissemination of results of a number of EU projects in the field of textile resource efficiency and sustainability such as ARTISAN or SESEC.


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