Relevant European organisations and networks

The European Apparel and Textiles Confederation – Euratex –

The European Network of Textile Research Organisations – Textranet – 

The Association of Universities for Textiles – AUTEX –

European Textile Research Conferences

The International Man-Made Fibres Congress, Dornbirn, Austria -

The International Aachen-Dresden Textile Conference, Aachen & Dresden, Germany -

EU textile research projects 

New materials, processes and eco-efficiency

 AVALON - Multifunctional textile structures driving new production and organizational paradigms in textile SME networks -

Digitex - Digital Programmed Jetting of Fluids for Multifunctional protective Textiles -

Inteltex - Intelligent multi-reactive textiles integrating nano-filler based CPC-fibres -

Natex - Aligned natural fibres and textiles for use in structural composite applications -

NoTeReFiGa - Novel temperature regulating fibres and garments -

Microflex - Micro fabrication production technology for MEMS on new emerging smart textiles/flexibles -

NuWave - Developing & demonstrating innovative technology approaches in European textile machinery SME's -

ModSimTex - Development of a rapid configuration system for textile production machinery based on the physical behaviour simulation of precision textile structures -

ARTISAN - Energy-aware enterprise systems for low-carbon intelligent operations -

SESEC - Sustainanble Energy Savings in the European Clothing industry

New applications for Textiles (Technical & Smart Textiles)

PolytecT - Polyfunctional Technical Textiles against Natural Hazards -

Contex-T - Textile Architecture - Textile structures and buildings of the future -

BioAgroTex - Development of new agrotextiles from renewable resources and with a tailored biodegradability -

Dephotex - Development of photovoltaic textiles based on novel fibres -

PASTA - Integrating Platform for Advanced Smart Textile Applications -

PLACE-IT - Platform for Large Area Conformable Electronics by Integration -

ProfiTex - Providing fire fighters with technology for excellent work safety -

Prosys-Laser - Intelligent personal protective clothing for the use with high-power hand-held laser processing devices -

Prospie - Protective Responsive Outer Shell for People in Industrial Environments -

SafeProTex - High-protective clothing for complex emergency operations -

No Bug - Novel release system and bio-based utilities for mosquito repellent textiles and garments -

Safe@Sea - Protective clothing for improved safety and performance in the fisheries -

iProtect - Intelligent PPE system for personnel in high-risk and complex environments -

Susta-Smart - Supporting Standardisation for Smart Textiles -

Smart@Fire - Integrated ICT Solutions for Smart Personal Protective Equipment for
Fire Fighters and First Responders -

Clothing, Fashion Design, Mass Customisation

LEAPFROG - Leadership for European Apparel Production from Research along Original Guidelines -

Servive - Service oriented intelligent value adding network for clothing-SMEs embarking in Mass-Customisation -

Open Garments - Consumer open innovation and open manufacturing interaction for individual garments -

EnviroTexDesign - Virtual collaborative design environment -

Corenet - Customer-oriented and eco-friendly networks for healthy fashionable goods -

MicroDress - Customised wearable functionality & eco-materials - extending the limits of apparel mass customisation -

Fashion-Able - Development of new technologies for the flexible and eco-efficient production of customized healthy clothing, footwear and orthotics for consumers with highly individualised needs -

Information Technology, Management, Innovation, Networks

CrossTexNet - ERA-Net Project: Textiles at the crossroads of new applications -

PROsumer.NET - Networking European Technology Platforms in the Consumer Goods Sectors -

Systex - Coordination action for enhancing the breakthrough of intelligent textile systems (e-textiles and wearable microsystems) -

eBIZ-TCF - Harmonising e-Business processes and electronic data exchanges for textile, clothingand footwear SMEs in the EU Single Market -

TexWin - Textile Work Intelligence by closed-loop control of product and process quality in the Textile Industry -

InnoWater - Innovation partnership for better innovation support tools and delivery mechanisms in sustainable water and wastewater -

SmartNets - The Transformation from Collaborative Knowledge Exploration Networks into Cross Sectoral and Service Oriented Integrated Value Systems -

MatVal - Alliance for Materials-A value chain approach to materials research and
innovation -

Related European Technology Platforms

European Commission website on Technology Platforms - 

Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WSSTP) - 

Technology Platform on Sustainable Chemistry (Suschem) - 

MANUFUTURE - Platform on Future Manufacturing Technologies - 

The European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) -

European Commission Websites

Cordis – the European Commission’s Research Portal - 

The 7th EU Research Framework Programme (FP7) - 

HORIZON 2020 - The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2013-2020,

Website of the Unit for Fashion and Design-based Industries of DG Enterprise and Industry

INNOVA – The Innovation Portal of DG Enterprise and Industry -