Background & Rationale

The ManuTex initiative has been jointly launched by he European Technology Platform for Assuring the future of Manufacturing in Europe (Manufuture) and the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing (Textile ETP) in order to realise closer collaboration in pre-competitive research and development at European level between the Textile/Clothing and related Machinery Industries.

Europe’s textile and clothing industry as well as its textile and clothing machinery sector are the undisputed global innovation leaders in their respective markets. This innovation leadership was built on a long tradition of symbiotic cooperation between the two sectors. Recent global market trends force both sectors in Europe to intensify their innovation activities to defend their leadership positions. In such a scenario, a close cross-sectoral collaboration in the field of research and technological development at European level promises a clear win-win situation for both sides.


The objectives of the ManuTex initiative are:

  • the establishment of a permanent collaboration forum between textile/clothing manufacturers and developers and manufacturers of machines, systems & tools for textile/clothing production to exchange major technological trends and evolving user needs
  • the combination of complementary elements of the Strategic Research Agendas of the Manufuture and Textile European Technology Platforms in a joint Research Roadmap
  • the initiation of strategic, genuinely breakthrough-oriented collaborative research projects between the two sectors bringing together the best available competences and capacities to mutual benefit

Stakeholders & Working Structure

The stakeholders of the ManuTex initiative are:

  • the European textile & clothing industry and their representative organisations
  • the European textile/clothing machinery industry and their representative organisations
  • the European textile & textile machinery research community
  • the European Commission & national authorities

The implementation of ManuTex will be coordinated and facilitated by a Coordination Committee which is composed of representatives of all stakeholder groups. The Coordination Committee is chaired by Prof. Thomas Gries, Director of the Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

Events & Activities

  • early 2006: first informal meetings between representatives of the 2 European Technology Platform
  • May 2006: Signature of Memorandum of Understanding by the respective chairmen of the 2 ETP's at the EU Technology Platforms Conference in Vienna/Austria in the presence of EU Research Commissioner J. Potocnik
  • June to December 2006: Organisation of a survey among experts of the 2 ETPs to identify joint research and innovation priorities
  • May 2007: Publication of the Manutex Research Roadmap
  • September 2007: Presentation of the ManuTex roadmap at the ITMA textile technology fair in Munich/Germany
  • late 2007-early 2008: Workshop Preparation of the NuWave research project to implement Manutex research priorities among textile technology SME's in Italy, Germany & the Czech Republic
  • December 2008: ManuTex input to the development of the multiannual research roadmap for the Factories of the Future PPP
  • January 2009: Start of the NuWave project
  • 2009-2011: Successful participation of ManuTex partners in various FP7 calls, especially in the research programme of the Factories of the Future PPP
  • December 2010: Signature of MoU between Euratex and Cematex including intenstified collaboration in the field of research in the spirit of the ManuTex initiative
  • September 2011: Organisation of a European Research pavillion as first result of the Euratex-Cematex MoU at ITMA textile technology fair in Barcelona incl. presentation of NuWave project results
  • October 2011: input to the development of the next multiannual research roadmap (beyond 2013) of the Factories of the Future PPP
  • November 2014: initiation of a roadmap update exercise under the title ManuTex 4.0 to reflect new key developments in textile manufacturing technologies, notably the greater role of ICT and Internet-connected components (i.e. cyber-physical systems) in machines and equipment
  • March 2015: Presentation of initial ManuTex 4.0 concept at the 10th annual Textile ETP Conference and launch of expert survey (download questionnaire here)

Information & Resources

ManuFuture Technology Platform
European factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA)
ManuTex Research Roadmap (May 2007)
ManuTex website of ITA-RWTH Aachen