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STFI: EU-Project BIOFIBROCAR with STFI participation

Melt spun fibres based on biopolymers for application in automotive interiors.
Aim of the project BIOFIBROCAR (coordinated by the Spanish research institute AITEX) is the development of textile fabrics (wovens and nonwovens) for car interior made from biologically degradable polylactide (PLA) fibres which will substitute the currently used polyester fibres. The fibre production is done from re-growing material. Using special additives, improvement of product properties (such as abrasion resistance and flame retardancy) should be achieved to fulfil the material parameters required in the automotive industry. STFI is mainly involved in the textile material selection and the specification of product requirements as well as in testing the adapted PLA fibres in different nonwoven structures. A joint presentation of this EU-project will be presented at the DORNBIRN Man-Made Fibre Congress in September 2014. For more information:

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