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MDB-Texinov: Presentation at ISF 2014, Tokyo

Structural modifications of poly(butylene succinate) a biobased and biodegradable polymer for the preparation of melt-spun fibers.

Agrotextiles are an alternative to pesticides to improve quality and safety of agricultural products. However, these textiles are mainly prepared from polypropylene or polyethylene. These textiles must be collected after the growing season and generate disposal cost. An ideal agrotextile would be left into the soil at the end of the growing season. These requirements can be achieved by using biodegradable polyesters. Among them, Poly(butylene succinate) (PBS) shows desirable properties including mechanical properties similar to polyethylene. The spinning of PBS modified by several approaches like chain extension or branching was evaluated in this study for the production of biodegradable yarns. Read more: or contact Dr Nadège Boucard, R&D Manager

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