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STFI: CORNET - Project ResCoTex

The CORNET-project ResCoTex “Resource-efficient coating technologies for improved durability of high strength textiles with special safety relevance” launched on 1st January 2014 had its second meeting on 9th July at Centexbel including a visit of the Belgian company Tiscotex. 

Objective of the project is the development of a detection system for the remaining strength of the textile structure by using different indicator principles. Furthermore, the improvement of the resistance of the textile structure towards influences like UV/sunlight, heat, humidity or abrasion by applying functionalised textile coatings and finishes using resource efficient techniques is in the focus of the project. Additionally, evaluating the life-time and remaining strength of high strength textiles used for securing applications shall be realised by improved test methods taking into account the real conditions of usage. Read more: CENTEXBEL and STFI

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