DITF, ITA & STFI: Inauguration of the SME-Industry 4.0 Competence Centre "Textile Connected" 
January 8, 2018
André Steeman

This center of excellence educates small and medium-sized enterprises about the prospects and challenges of digitalization. Research institutes in Aachen (ITA), Denkendorf (DITF), Chemnitz (STFI) and Stuttgart (Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft) syndicate the consortium which is led by the German textile and fashion industry confederation textil+mode. Local centres of excellence assist this industry through expert knowledge, demonstration centers, networks for feedback and concrete practical examples. Within the following months, window displays will be created in each project partner’s location, explaining the use of digitalization of their core area.

The DITF in Denkendorf are specialized in personalized products within apparel, smart textiles and light weight construction.
ITA RWTH Aachen’s display window features a fully integrated textile process chain showing the economic benefits of digital transmission.

“Mittelstand-Digital” is a programme of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy to inform SME about the opportunities of digitalisation. Regional competence centres help small retailers as well as the larger industrial members with expert knowledge, demonstration centres, networks for exchanging experiences and practical examples The federal ministry of economy and power enables the use of all Mittelstand-Digital services free of charge. (www.mittelstand-digital.de).

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