ITA RWTH Aachen: Image processing system allows high cost savings – ITA- and LfB-researcher win ICPRAM-Best Student Paper Award
March 1, 2018
André Steeman

January 16-18 2018, Madeira, Portugal. The researchers Marco Saggiomo, Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA), and Marcin Kopaczka, Institute of Imaging & Computer Vision of RWTH Aachen University (LfB), developed an image processing system for weaving machines that provides comprehensive benefits for woven fabric producers. It enables the weaving machine to detect faulty pickings autonomously and leads to cost savings of at least 2,210 euros p.a. for each weaving machine in comparison to manual faulty picking repairs.

The researchers won the “Best Student Paper Award” of the 7th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications/Methods (ICPRAM) for their joint paper on “Fully Automatic Faulty Weft Thread Detection using a Camera System and Feature-based Pattern Recognition”.

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