Centexbel - Decoat - Recycling of coated and painted textile and plastic materials. 
March 7, 2019
Lutz Walter

Centexbel coordinates a new EU H2020 project (Grand Agreement No: 814505) aiming at the recycling of coated and painted textiles and plastics.
The main goal of DECOAT is to enable the circular use of textiles and plastic parts with (multilayer) ‘coatings’, which are typically not recyclable yet. These ‘coatings’ comprise functional and performance coatings and paints as well as adhesion layers. Therefore, novel ‘triggerable’ smart polymer material systems and their corresponding recycling processes will be developed.
The triggerable solutions for the ‘coating’ formulations will be based on smart additives that can be activated by a specific trigger (heat, humidity, microwave, chemical).

A textile use case will be realised together with DECOAT partner VAUDE, a sustainable producer of outdoor clothing and gear.
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