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CENTEXBEL: BIO4SELF wins both JEC Innovation and TechTextil Innovation Award 2019

The concept for a biobased self-reinforced thermoformable composite material has been awarded by two of the most prestigious Innovation Awards in the world: JEC World Innovation Award in the category “Sustainability” and the TechTextil innovation Award “sustainable solution”.

BIO4SELF, coordinated by Centexbel, has developed biobased and easy-to-recycle self-reinforced composites based on PLA fibres with an inherent high stiffness, matching the requirements of current commercial self-reinforced polypropylene (PP) composites. As a result, PLA is being upgraded to a material suited for more technical and demanding final applications including automotive and household electronics, and offers possibilities for lots of other applications (sports, transportation, and medical appliances).

Main advantages

  • ·       Biobased: composites made from two PLA grades with different melting temperatures
  • ·       Performance: high mechanical strength, temperature and hydrolytic stability
  • ·       Cost: far below carbon fibre composites, comparable to or even below SR-PP
  • ·       Upscalable: using commercially-available materials and industrial equipment

EoL: re-usable, recyclable or industrially compostable as the composite is made of PLA. 

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