Sympatex wins Future Materials Award 2014

Apparel Technology Phaseable® has convinced a jury of renowned experts

Sympatex Technologies has won the “Future Materials Award 2014”. The ecological alternative among functional textile specialists has successfully prevailed over six other finalists in the category “Best Innovation – Sportswear and Outdoor Apparel” with the Sympatex Phaseable® technology. The 2.5-layer laminate offers an intelligent climate regulation by using a dynamic thermal insulation. The winning product Sympatex Phaseable® is especially suitable for high levels of physical effort during sports and outdoor activities, for example.

The 20 experts of the “Future Materials Award” jury – among them leading specialised journalists as well as renowned representatives in the fields of industry and research – have been enthusiastic about the technical solution. Read more:


STFI: PPE - arc test standard improved

In October 2014, the arc test standard IEC 61482-1-2 was published in a revised edition. The revision cycle, started in 2009, created further improvements in the test procedure. By the consistent work on this topic, STFI testing and certification department became a globally acknowledged expert in arc protection.

Many publications, the work in arc flash standardisation, as well as the participation in the work on national and international guidelines for the selection of arc protection PPE symbolises STFI experts' competence. However, the most significant expression of this successful development is the issuing of hundreds of test certificates for arc protection textiles and garments for our customers from all over the world. Read more: 


Smart Textiles participates in Asia's leading design event BODW

Smart Textiles is showcasing their activities for 100,000 visitors at Business of Design Week in Hong Kong.

It is the Swedish Foreign Ministry who has invited Smart Textiles as a speaker during this year's edition of the event. BODW in Hong Kong is Asia's leading design event and Sweden is the partner country for this year. Smart Textiles will speak of  textile design and innovations which are results of  combining textile with other disciplines in successful projects. "For us it is a recognition that we reached out an international community", says Susanne Nejderås, Managing Director at Smart Textiles. Read more:


ITA: 9th Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference (November 2015), call for abstracts 

9th Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference will take place in Aachen on November 26-27, 2015 with overall theme: Bio-Boosting Today’s Technology.

The experts from the fields of Textile Technology - Chemistry and Engineering, Medical Technology, Membrane Technology and Fibre Composites are invited to submit abstracts for talks and poster presentations. Abstracts should address at least one of the following topics:

  •  Bioactive and biomimetic materials
  •  Biotechnology and bioprocessing
  •  Fibre technology
  •  Sustainability and bio-based building blocks
  •  Flexible electronics
  •  IGF-ZIM Transfer Event: From Idea to Practice

Deadline abstract submission for oral presentations is January 31, 2015. Deadline abstract submission for poster presentations is August 31, 2015. Read more: 


FITEX: Sanitex

New textile materials for the preventive and palliative treatments of skin diseases

The main objective of the Sanitex project is the development of new textile materials that integrate nanoparticles with pharmaceutical and other actives for preventive and palliative treatments of skin diseases -psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, diabetic foot.

The partial objectives are:

  • To develop new materials with cosmetic actives for the preventive treatments (vitamins or moisturizing products).
  • To develop new materials with pharmaceutical actives for the palliative treatments (corticoids).

The entire value chain has been considered to carry out the project, from nanoparticles design and manufacture, to spinning yarns with these nanoparticles, and knitting them. 
Read more: