UNITEX: Smart Laundry – 2015

Project FP7-SME-2007-2 SMILES, in which TO2C, University College Gent, Belgium participated as a research partner, received the United Nations National Energy Global Award 2014 in the category WATER.

Energy Globe Award is the most prestigious Energy - Environmental Award of the United Nations Environmental Programme, which includes more than 165 countries all around the world. Energy Globe’s aim is to create awareness of the necessary solutions to our environmental problems and shows that each of us can contribute their part. The campaign is carried out under the patronage of UNESCO and in cooperation with UNEP under the slogan ‘Save the world by acting not by talking - Sustainability starts with you’. Read more and visit  


STFI: New CORNET-Project ProGeo with STFI participation

Kick-off-meeting of CORNET-project ProGeo took place  in Bielsko-Biala on 26th June 2014
In the CORNET-project ProGeo which started on 1st May 2014, STFI cooperates with a Polish partner of the University ATH, the Institute of Textile Engineering and Polymer Materials and the Polish Association of Producers of Geosynthetics. Objective of the project is the development of geotextile grid structures made of regionally available raw sheep’s wool, sea grass or hay in combination with other natural fibers. This includes also the compact processing technology with automated devices and machinery components for the manufacture, cutting, packaging and mounting. The prototypes to be developed shall combine an appropriate textile design for steep slopes and contain a barrier function for water and soil against erosion. 


University of Borås: Catwalk with Smart Textiles at Sweden's biggest political event

Smart Textiles will participate at Almedalen week – the most important forum in Swedish politics. During a slightly different fashion show the innovations like the world’s first dress made of recycled cotton will be demonstrated. A new technic developed at KTH and GreenHouse Labs made it possible to regenerate textile fibers with perfect results. The fibers have gone through the entire textile procedure for the second time. This is a cooperation between Re:newcell, Svenskt Konstsilke, Smart Textiles and Wargön Innovation.  A dress to be demonstrated is made of 100% paper and is also recyclable. This opens new possibilities to use sustainable materials, as cellulose, instead of cotton. Read more


ITM: Textile revolution in Civil Engineering 

Dresden Researchers  turns vision into reality in developing Textile Concrete for civil constructions
TRC branded TUDALIT ®, previously successfully developed only in research laboratories and individual buildings, has now been approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in Berlin for use in commercial applications. This is the first ever approval achieved in the field of Textile concretes. 
The basic research in textile concrete at the TU Dresden started a while ago at the Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology and the Institute of Structural Concrete.  With this authorisation, an often application of this revolutionary composite building material is now possible. Read more


ITA: Grow2Build

Local cultivated hemp and flax as resource for bio-based building materials

Grow2Build works on the transition of the North West European economy from oil based one towards a bio-based economy. It focuses on hemp and flax based building material to tackle the remaining bottlenecks through the whole product chain of hemp and flax based bio-building materials as well as in the marketing of those products. Grow2Build is dealing with the development of sustainable product chains of hemp and flax based building materials in NWE region. The benchmark report, transnational open innovation network, GIS tool, cooperation model and policy actions are main outputs of these actions. Secondly, actions are set up to improve the quality of the resources through optimisation of cultivation and processing techniques. Read more