INCDTP: Technology Business Incubator 'ITA TEXCONF' for textile - clothing field 

Entity for capitaliasation of research results and supporting the private sector through innovation and technological transfer

ITA TEXCONF functions within INCDTP and its main objectives are:
- Incubation of SMEs from the textile-clothing sector and connecting fields;

- Supporting the SME’s competitiveness;
- Active integration in clusters and competitiveness poles;
- Training the specialists in specific areas;
- Organizing scientific events, dissemination of research results;
- Attracting funding projects;
- Creating interest groups and partnerships. Read more


EURATEX: Smart@Fire Project launches PCP tender

Euratex is partner in the EU project Smart@Fire which tests an innovative public procurement approach for smart fire fighter gear. The project has now launched a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) tender worth 450,000.00 € for the development of a fully functional prototype of a smart fire fighter system. Offers have to be submitted by 13 Oct. 2014. An info session takes place in Brussels on 1 July. All information about this tender and the Smart@Fire project is available at


CENTEXBEL: Blends4Innovation: research on advanced polymer blend technology

The interest in intimate polymer blends is growing fast. The opportunities have been confirmed by Centexbel’s recent research projects. The Cornet project “POMELAD” clearly showed that the use of PO blends generates an extended temperature range for melt adhesion applications while retaining the mechanical properties and processing conditions. The Cornet project “FIBRILTEX” examined blends of PP with PET and of PLA with PTT. The great potential of polymer blends and these preliminary successes drive us to continue the research to fully exploit the application of intimate polymer blends in textiles. Read more


CENTROCOT: Clothing for UV Protection

The intense exposure to the sun and frequent outdoor stays can damage the skin. Protection from UV radiation is vital and the clothing plays a very important role in this regards. Centrocot, has just completed its research aimed to identify the structural parameters that are more significant for skin protection. This project allowed optimizing the design of textiles considering different service conditions in order to obtain the maximum protective level and to apply UV absorbers only if they are essential. This approach helped to understand how to produce a fabric that is both protective and environmentally friendly. Read more


University of Borås: Unexpected collaborations behind the success of Smart Textiles

A smart collaboration between engineering, textiles and design – one of the forces behind the success of Swedish Smart Textiles cluster.
An unexpected collaboration is one of the forces behind the success of Smart Textiles, according to the evaluators who participated during the international hearing. Since 2011 Smart Textiles cluster developed 114 new prototypes, several of which are on the market. This includes protective clothing used in water blasting, Electro dress that help people with neurological disorders. “Smart Textiles is in the front line, in the interface between the textile and other fields”, says Lutz Walter, the ETP Secretary General. “While other initiatives have split areas Smart Textiles has brought them together, as in engineering and textiles. It is something that is unique.” Read more