DITF: Aachen-Dresden-Denkendorf International Textile Conference, Stuttgart, Germany

30-Nov-2017 - 1-Dec-2017 in Stuttgart
This event is one of the most important textile conferences in Europe. With lecturers from science and industry, it addresses specialists in the areas of materials, chemistry, finishing, and functionalization of machines, processes, and composites. Since 2016, the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf (DITF) have acted as co-organizers.
Major topics in three parallel sessions will be:

  • Development and production of high performance fibers and yarns
  • Development and production of 3D system-integrated fiber compounds for automotive, construction and architecture
  • Medical textiles / Medical technologies
  • Transfer Session ”From Idea to Practice“

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ITA-RWTH Aachen: Paul Schlack Prize and Paul Schlack-Honorary Prize were awarded to ITA post-docs and ITA project leader 


On September 13, 2017, two ITA post-docs - Dr Gisa Wortberg and Dr Andreas De Palmenaer - received the prestigious Paul Schlack Man-made Fibers Prize.

Dr Wortberg and Dr De Palmenaer have worked on the development of polyethylene-based carbon fibres as part of their doctorate at the ITA. Within the framework of their dissertations, it was possible to reduce the cost of carbon fibres drastically, which goes far beyond existing research efforts.

Apart from that, the ITA project leader Dr Markus Beckers was awarded with the Paul Schlack-Honorary Prize 2017 for the project “Development and analysis of a new manufacturing process for polymer optical fibres (POF)”.

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CITEVE: 8th European Conference on Protective Clothing - Next Edition in Porto 


A 3-day conference (7-9 May 2018), in the unique setting of Porto historic city, will bring together industry innovators, technology providers, researchers, clusters and other actors from the Protective Clothing industry sector from across Europe.

The 8th ECPC will embrace domains like integrated electronics/smart textiles, product safety, ergonomics, comfort, sustainability, regulatory aspects and, in addition to the regular ECPC/NOKOBETEF, a supplementary and important theme day dedicated to the needs of Firefighters will contribute to the conference success. This conference is intended for researchers, designers, manufacturers, purchasers, experts in health and safety and human factors, public authorities (procurement), and end-users. 

Abstracts submission until 30th November

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EURATEX on circular economy in textile & apparel manufacturing at Premiere Vision 

EURATEX was present at the Premier Vision fashion textile show in Paris to replicate the discussion on Circular Economy in textile & apparel manufacturing with four committed companies. They discussed the opportunities, but also the challenges for the sector. EURATEX presented the Policy Brief produced on the topic and called for collaboration to prosper and showcase the industrial potential inherent in Circular Economy business models, if applied correctly.
EURATEX is in the process of collection 100 success stories of European textile and clothing companies adoption circular economy principles in their daily business already today.

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Contact Mauro Scalia to know more about the Success Cases collection  


Seminar - Smart textiles - Medicine and Healthcare 

The aim of this seminar is to present research and technology in Smart Textiles with focus on the medicine and healthcare sector. With a growing and aging population, the cost for health care and nursing will become a problem in the future. Measuring and robot technology in combination with textiles can provide help and become one of the solutions to address this problem. 

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