Governing Board

The role of the Governing Board is to provide an overall strategic direction to the Technology Platform, to oversee the implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda and to decide on any major new initiatives or undertakings of the platform. The Governing Board is composed of 16 voting members, of which 12 represent Euratex and the industry and 4 represent the textile research community (2 representatives of AUTEX and 2 Representatives of Textranet).

List of current Members of the Governing Board.

  • CANONICO, Paolo (President) - SAATI, Italy
  • GRABOWSKA, Katarzyna (Vice-President) -  AUTEX (TU Lodz), EU
  • COSTA, Braz (Vice-President) - Textranet (Citeve), EU
  • TANKERE, Jacques (Vice-President Treasurer) - MDB Texinov, France
  • DENIZER, Mustafa - Diktas S.A. - Turkey
  • GINESTÀ, Joan - Marina Textil - Spain
  • KAMM, Michael - Antevorte - Germany
  • KIEKENS, Paul - AUTEX (Ghent University), EU
  • LAPERRE Jan - Textranet (Centexbel), EU
  • PINHEIRO, Manuel - Tinamar, Portugal
  • TESSMAR-PFOHL, Alexander - Sattler AG, EU
  • Van TRIMPONT, Pierre - TiO3, Belgium