The future of Europe’s textile and clothing industry will be built on its existing strengths (1) creativity in design and product development, (2) innovation in materials and processes, (3) flexibility in production and supply chain management and (4) quality of products and services. 
The Technology Platform is based on three pillars, which at the same time represent the three crucial elements of a long-term VISION  which will exploit these strengths while at the same time benefiting from general societal and economical trends.

  • A move from commodities towards specialty products from high-tech processes along the entire value chain from fibres to final products with highly functional, purpose-targeted properties
  • The establishment and expansion of textiles as material of choice in many sectors and application fields (transport systems, construction, energy & environment markets, protective & medical applications, consumer electronics…).
  • A move towards a new industrial era characterised by customisation, personalisation, as well as flexible, on-demand production coupled with intelligent logistics,  distribution and services.

This three-fold vision, widely shared by industry and the scientific community, encompasses all 3 crucial industrial innovation elements of (1) materials, processes and technology, (2) products and markets and (3) organisation and management. It also fully applies to all three major sub-sectors of this industry; clothing and fashion, interior and home textiles as well as textiles for technical applications.